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Why Consider Serviced Apartments Instead of Hotels?

Posted by Jehan Anis on January 4, 2023

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We all enjoy staying in hotels and spending a night away from home, but serviced apartments can generally provide the best of both worlds.


Let’s face it, with the advent and current popularity of Airbnb, the convenience of the internet, and the rise of flexible work schedules, home-away-from-home vacations have never been more appealing. The manner in which we travel has drastically changed over the past ten years, as travel patterns continue to evolve. We are no longer restricted to staying in typical hotels or traditional bed and breakfast accommodations (quite literally, as we are constantly tapping our phones and social media). The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers reported that serviced apartments in the United Kingdom had an occupancy rate of 81.7% in 2018, which was higher than that of hotels. Therefore, what makes them so popular?


Hotels may be limited in terms of quality and boutique, design-driven elements, but serviced accommodation typically fulfills this need. There are numerous advantages to renting a serviced apartment, but the most significant are its affordability, size, and inherent independence.


However, the million-dollar question is why would you select a serviced apartment over a hotel?


The Factor of Convenience


When reserving a single hotel room, the room alone appears to be a very pricey expenditure. However, the lack of useful amenities within the room sometimes makes staying in a hotel even more expensive. This is not always the case, especially for business travelers or those utilising the hotel as a home base to visit relatives. Serviced apartments allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds by giving you the option to splurge on dining out or save money by cooking in – the getaway can be as per your preferences. The addition of kitchen facilities affords you the convenience of preparing your own meals in the comfort of your lodging.


Home sweet home


As soon as you arrive, serviced apartments provide you with the privacy, space, and comforts of your own home. Design-driven and thoroughly updated, the interiors of serviced apartments exude both a homey and a luxurious atmosphere. Occasionally, hotels might feel overly stylized, and the interior design can be impressive, but excessive. In a serviced apartment, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, since it retains the opulence of a hotel while also being comfortable and homey. In addition, you’ll have access to ultra-fast Wi-Fi and other amenities.


More Freedom


Although it is technically possible to enjoy complete independence when living in a hotel, there is something about separate residences that feels less confining. There is no reception or check-in desk to sneak past when you’re arriving home late, and independent living means you have the freedom to do exactly what you want when you want – you’re not tied to hotel breakfast times or evening meal sittings, and you can settle in and use the amenities provided rather than having to go down to the bar or restaurant (or crack open the expensive mini-bar!) every time you want a snack or a drink.


And More Capacity


Did you know that, on average, serviced accommodations provide 30% more space for the same price as comparable hotel rooms? Serviced apartments offer the luxury of staying in spacious and modern surroundings for a longer duration than hotels.


Host Your Relatives


Many people utilise serviced apartments when seeking a place to stay while visiting family or friends. If you’re planning a vacation to visit loved ones but you know you won’t be able to fit in their home, a hotel may seem expensive and inconvenient for a longer trip or for how you want to live during your visit. By opting for serviced housing, you can settle comfortably and then welcome loved ones in your own apartment, rather than always eating out or going to the house of the person you’re visiting. It’s a nice alternative to being able to prepare a meal for a gathering of loved ones within the four walls of a stylish and cozy apartment. Entertaining family and friends from a location that feels as opulent as a hotel is a dream come true!


Working at Home


One of the great things about serviced accommodation is that, despite retaining the luxurious atmosphere and stylized aspects of a hotel room, the space is far more conducive to scenarios such as working from home – and the aforementioned reliable Wi-Fi connection makes it stress-free as well. It may not be for working from home that you desire the different zones and separation of space, though; perhaps while you’re on vacation you like to relax in a separate place from your bedroom. In contrast to the alone atmosphere of a hotel, there are countless possibilities. A serviced apartment is essentially the penthouse suite equivalent of a hotel, but for less money. Do you still need more convincing?


Considering a serviced apartment as an alternative to a hotel? Xclusive Living Serviced Apartments would be delighted to host your getaway. Visit our booking page for more details, or send us an email to inquire. We hope to see you soon.

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