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What is Good Capital Growth

Posted by Jehan Anis on June 28, 2022

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What is Good Capital Growth?


Alongside rental income, capital growth is the primary method through which property investors may generate profits.


This article explores the most important aspects of capital growth to understand how to maximize investment opportunities, what to search for when considering a capital growth-led investment, the distinction between rental income and capital growth, and where to find suitable capital growth property investments on the UK real estate market.


What is Capital Growth?


Capital growth refers to a property’s market worth from its purchase price.


Often referred to as capital appreciation, property investment will grow in value over time. As a result, capital-gains-focused investors typically employ a buy-and-hold strategy with a longer time horizon to maximize their profits before selling a property.


What is Rental Yield?


Because many investors would buy a home and rent it out as its value grows, rental yield is another key consideration when evaluating a buy-to-let property investment.


Rental yield is the annual income earned from a rental property. Therefore, it is essential to differentiate between gross and net rental yield when evaluating the profitability of an investment.


The net rental yield is calculated by deducting costs from annual rental income, dividing by the entire price of the property, and then multiplying the result by 100.


Investors place a premium on obtaining favorable rental returns when acquiring rental properties. Any property investment should ideally be sustainable. Landlords should ensure that a rental property can meet expenditures such as:


  • mortgage repayments,
  • rental taxation,
  • property repairs
  • & Additional expenses linked with property ownership.


Is Capital Appreciation More Essential Than Rental Yield?


No two investors in real estate are similar, and each seeks something specific from their investment. Before acquiring an investment property, most property investors believe both capital growth and rental return to be essential.


Understanding the capital appreciation potential of a property might help you determine how long you intend to keep it before selling. For some investors, a lump sum return may fit into their retirement or savings goals, but rental returns may be crucial for those seeking a passive monthly income.



How to Find Strong Capital Growth?


Several considerations should be made early on in acquiring an investment property to maximize the possibility of capital appreciation.


  • Location


Location is one of the most important factors for real estate investors and will significantly influence the capital appreciation you may realize. To determine a property’s value, investors should examine local property prices and compare them to similar properties in the region to see which attributes can increase its value. In addition, researching the historical and present properties in the neighborhood might provide insight into how a particular property may perform.


  • Growing Population


Real estate value tends to rise in areas with an increasing population. As the population grows, the demand for property increases and the number of available homes decreases, causing rental and property prices to rise. Look for places and cities where the population is projected to grow in the next few years if you’re interested in capital growth.


  • Amenities


There is a greater possibility that your property’s value will improve if it is located in an area with excellent schools, stores, restaurants, and transportation links. If you want to rent out the property in the meantime, the area’s facilities will also make it desirable to renters.


  • Property Category


Since the epidemic, spacious gardens and additional rooms that may be transformed into a home office are in hot demand. As a result, buyers are re-evaluating the property’s quality of life. Now, people seek specific characteristics that can improve their quality of life.


  • Off-Plan Real Estate


Buying a home before completion might be one of the most acceptable methods to increase your capital appreciation possibilities. When buying off-plan properties, investors may frequently find favorable deals. Typically below the market rate and occasionally obtaining a 20 to 50% reduction. Numerous developers will be willing to reduce a property’s price, especially at the beginning of a project or when they need to sell units to finance the next phase of property development.


The sole disadvantage of off-plan investing is that the investor must wait until the property is built to earn a profit, but adopting a long-term perspective of returns may be advantageous.

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FAQs of Capital Growth


What Is a Good Rate of Capital Growth?


A strong capital growth rate in the UK real estate market should yield a return of about 4%. Any growth rate that exceeds 4% is already considered remarkable.


How Can You Identify a Suburb with Rapid Growth?


Gentrification, continuous redevelopment, a growing population, and housing demand exceeding supply all point to the same conclusion. Investors should consider a few indicators that a suburb’s capital growth prospects are favorable, such as recent property price increases, the current worth of neighboring properties in the neighborhood, and property price growth forecasts.

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