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Top Locations for Investing in Serviced Accommodation in the UK

Posted by Jehan Anis on August 11, 2023




The serviced accommodation industry in the United Kingdom has experienced a remarkable evolution in recent years. This growth surge can be attributed to shifting travel trends, which have led to an increased demand for flexible, home-like stays. As the industry continues to flourish, the interest in investing in this lucrative sector has grown significantly. To make informed investment decisions, it’s important to identify the top locations for investing in serviced accommodation in the UK. This article delves into the nuances of each of these locations, taking into account factors such as tourism trends, business hubs, and regulatory considerations.


1. London: A Global Epicenter for Serviced Accommodation


London, the sprawling metropolis, stands as an unequivocal global hub for serviced accommodation investment. Its status as a world-renowned financial, cultural, and historical centre makes it a magnet for diverse travellers. Business executives seek its dynamic economy, while tourists flock to its iconic landmarks, museums, theatres, and vibrant neighbourhoods. The heart of London sees an exceptional demand for short-term, convenient stays, making serviced apartments a prime investment choice. Areas like Kensington, Mayfair, and Covent Garden continue to be hotspot locations due to their accessibility and proximity to major attractions.


2. Edinburgh: A Tapestry of History and Modernity


Edinburgh, Scotland’s picturesque capital, boasts a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary vibrancy. This fusion of the old and the new entices both leisure and business travelers. The city’s annual festivals, particularly the renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe, transform it into a cultural epicenter, attracting a plethora of visitors. Consequently, the demand for serviced accommodation remains consistently high. Moreover, Edinburgh’s UNESCO World Heritage Site status further guarantees a steady influx of tourists eager to explore its architectural wonders and cultural heritage.


3. Manchester: Where Business and Culture Converge


Manchester, once an industrial powerhouse, has emerged as a thriving business and cultural nexus. Its bustling business district and vibrant arts scene contribute to a constant stream of corporate travelers and conference attendees. The city’s ongoing transformation is fueled by initiatives such as MediaCityUK, a prominent digital and creative hub. As professionals increasingly opt for the convenience and comfort of serviced apartments during extended stays, the market in Manchester continues to expand, with areas like Spinningfields and Salford Quays in high demand.


4. Birmingham: The Rising Tide of Corporate Demand


Birmingham, centrally located in England, has risen to prominence as a major business and events destination. The presence of numerous corporate headquarters, conference centers, and exhibition venues has created a sustained demand for serviced accommodation. As business travelers seek convenient and flexible lodging options, the market for serviced apartments in Birmingham is witnessing notable growth. Locations like the Jewellery Quarter and the city center are particularly favored by investors and travelers alike.


5. Bristol: Where Business Meets Leisure


Bristol celebrated for its innovation, history, and creativity, is a compelling destination for both leisure and business travelers. Its vibrant cultural scene, diverse culinary offerings, and proximity to attractions like the Clifton Suspension Bridge draw tourists year-round. Furthermore, Bristol’s flourishing aerospace, technology, and financial sectors contribute to the demand for serviced accommodation among corporate travelers. Locations such as Harbourside and the Old City offer lucrative investment opportunities due to their accessibility and local attractions.


6. Oxford and Cambridge: Academic Excellence and Tourism Converged


The prestigious universities of Oxford and Cambridge make these cities magnets for students, academics, and tourists from around the globe. With their historical significance and cultural prominence, these cities generate a consistent demand for serviced accommodation. Graduation ceremonies, academic conferences, and historical exploration ensure a continuous flow of guests seeking comfortable and convenient lodging options. Areas around the university campuses and city centers are particularly sought after by investors.


7. Liverpool: Maritime Heritage and a Musical Legacy


Liverpool’s maritime heritage and association with The Beatles contribute to its allure as a tourist destination. The city’s revitalized waterfront, diverse museums, and vibrant nightlife attract leisure travelers year-round. Additionally, Liverpool’s economic growth and emergence as a hub for tech startups and creative industries create a demand for serviced accommodation for professionals on business trips. Locations like the Albert Dock area and the city center offer attractive investment prospects.


8. Brighton: Coastal Charm and Business Appeal


Brighton’s picturesque coastal setting, pebble beaches, and iconic pier make it a sought-after leisure destination. The city’s appeal extends beyond tourism, as it hosts an array of conferences, trade shows, and events throughout the year. This dual attraction to both leisure and business travelers creates a sustained demand for serviced apartments. Areas like the Lanes and Brighton Marina present promising investment options due to their proximity to the seafront and local amenities.


9. Glasgow: Culture, Business, and Beyond


Glasgow’s cultural attractions, including renowned museums and art galleries, draw visitors seeking a taste of Scotland’s vibrant arts scene. The city’s convention center and its hosting of major events also contribute to the demand for serviced accommodation. Glasgow’s position as a gateway to the Scottish Highlands and its economic significance in sectors like finance and manufacturing make it an appealing investment destination. Locations like the West End and the Merchant City offer a blend of culture and convenience for travelers.


10. York: Medieval Charm and Historical Appeal


The medieval city of York, with its cobbled streets, ancient walls, and stunning Gothic architecture, magnetises history enthusiasts and tourists alike. The city’s well-preserved heritage and numerous cultural events ensure a consistent need for short-term accommodation. Particularly during the summer months, when visitors flock to explore York’s history and charm, the demand for serviced accommodation is high. Investment opportunities are prevalent in areas around the city centre and the Shambles, a historic shopping street.


Major Benefits for Investors in Serviced Accommodation


Investing in serviced accommodation presents a host of compelling benefits that make it an increasingly attractive option for savvy investors. One of the standout advantages is the potential for lucrative rental income. The short-term nature of stays in serviced apartments allows investors to command premium rates, especially in sought-after locations or during peak seasons. This translates into a consistent and substantial cash flow, significantly surpassing the returns typically garnered from traditional residential rentals. Moreover, the flexible usage aspect of serviced accommodation provides investors with versatility. Not only can they reap the rewards of rental income, but they also have the option to utilize the property for personal use during vacant periods. This dual purpose not only increases the property’s value proposition but also adds a layer of convenience and enjoyment for investors.


In addition to financial gains, serviced accommodation minimizes the burdens typically associated with property management. Professional management companies often handle tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, guest check-in, and concierge services. This relieves investors of the day-to-day responsibilities of being a landlord, allowing them to focus on other ventures or simply enjoy their investment without the stress of operational details. The potential for capital appreciation further sweetens the deal. Locations that experience economic growth, infrastructure development, or increased tourism often witness a rise in property values over time, offering investors the opportunity to benefit from capital gains in addition to regular rental income. These benefits collectively position serviced accommodation as a strategic investment avenue that combines financial rewards, operational ease, and long-term growth potential.




The serviced accommodation industry in the UK stands as a vibrant tapestry of opportunities for astute investors. These top investment locations offer unique avenues for growth, each catering to a diverse range of travellers. From the bustling streets of London to the historical charm of York, and the business-centric atmosphere of Birmingham to the coastal allure of Brighton, each destination boasts distinctive characteristics that can potentially translate into profitable investments. As the landscape of travel continues to evolve, the dynamics of the serviced accommodation market will also adapt, underscoring the importance of well-informed investment decisions.

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