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The Benefits of Professional Property Management for Serviced Accommodation

Posted by Jehan Anis on September 22, 2023

In recent years, the serviced accommodation industry has seen exponential growth, driven by travelers seeking the comforts of home combined with the convenience of hotel-like services. Property owners have also recognized the potential for significant returns in this market. However, managing serviced accommodation can be demanding, time-consuming, and challenging without the right expertise. This is where professional property management for serviced accommodation comes into play, offering a wide range of benefits for property owners and investors.


1. Expertise in Serviced Accommodation Industry


One of the primary advantages of hiring professional property management for serviced accommodation is gaining access to industry expertise. Experienced property management companies understand the unique demands of the serviced accommodation market. They are well-versed in pricing strategies, marketing techniques, and guest expectations. This knowledge allows them to optimize your property’s performance, ensuring higher occupancy rates and better rental income.


2. Time and Stress Reduction


Managing serviced accommodation properties involves various tasks, such as property maintenance, guest communication, cleaning, and handling bookings. These responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you have multiple properties. Professional property managers take care of these tasks, saving you time and reducing stress. You can focus on other aspects of your life or invest in more properties while the experts handle the day-to-day operations.


3. Marketing and Booking Management


Effective marketing and booking management are crucial for success in the serviced accommodation sector. Property managers have access to various marketing channels, listing platforms, and strategies to maximize your property’s visibility. They can optimize listings, respond to inquiries promptly, and manage bookings efficiently. This not only increases occupancy rates but also ensures a steady stream of income.


4. Guest Satisfaction and Reviews


Positive guest experiences and reviews are essential for maintaining a good reputation in the serviced accommodation industry. Property management companies excel in guest satisfaction. They offer a high level of customer service, ensuring guests have a seamless stay. Happy guests are more likely to leave positive reviews and become repeat customers, boosting your property’s overall performance.


5. Maintenance and Property Care


Property maintenance is an ongoing responsibility for serviced accommodation owners. Property management companies have a network of reliable contractors and maintenance staff to address any issues promptly. They conduct regular property inspections, ensuring that your accommodation remains in excellent condition, which is crucial for guest satisfaction and long-term profitability.


6. Legal Compliance


Serviced accommodation is subject to various local regulations and legal requirements, which can be complex and subject to change. Property managers stay up-to-date with these regulations and ensure that your property complies with all relevant laws. This reduces the risk of legal issues and potential fines, giving you peace of mind.


7. Cost Savings


While you may consider property management fees an expense, they often translate into cost savings in the long run. Professional property managers can negotiate better rates with suppliers, handle maintenance efficiently, and minimize vacancies, ultimately leading to increased profitability.


Professional property management is a valuable investment for serviced accommodation owners and investors. It offers expertise, time savings, efficient marketing, guest satisfaction, and legal compliance, all of which contribute to higher occupancy rates and increased rental income. With the support of experienced property managers, you can maximise  the potential of your serviced accommodation properties while enjoying a stress-free ownership experience.


8. Flexibility and Scalability


Property owners often aim to expand their portfolio, adding more serviced accommodation units to increase income. Professional property management allows for scalability and flexibility. Whether you have one property or multiple, property managers can adapt to your needs. They have the infrastructure and resources to efficiently manage a growing portfolio, ensuring a seamless expansion process.


9. Cost-Efficient Marketing


Effective marketing is essential for attracting guests to your serviced accommodation. Property management companies have access to various marketing tools and platforms, allowing them to advertise your property cost-effectively. They can analyze market trends and guest preferences, tailoring marketing strategies to target the right audience. This results in reduced marketing costs while maximizing bookings and revenue.


10. Streamlined Finances and Reporting


Keeping track of finances, expenses, and rental income can be challenging, especially when you have multiple properties. Property management companies offer streamlined financial management. They handle rent collection, monitor expenses, and provide detailed financial reports, giving you a clear overview of your property’s financial performance. This transparency is valuable for making informed decisions and optimising your investment strategy.


11. 24/7 Guest Support


Guests may encounter issues or require assistance at any time. Property managers offer 24/7 guest support, ensuring that guests can reach out for help or information whenever they need it. This round-the-clock service enhances the guest experience and minimizes potential problems, such as late check-ins or maintenance emergencies.


12. Risk Mitigation


The serviced accommodation industry can be subject to various risks, including property damage, legal disputes, and security concerns. Property management companies implement risk mitigation strategies to protect your investment. They often carry insurance coverage and have procedures in place to handle unforeseen events, reducing your exposure to potential liabilities.


13. Market Adaptation


The serviced accommodation market is dynamic and can change rapidly. Property management companies stay agile and adapt to market shifts. They can adjust pricing strategies, marketing approaches, and property offerings to align with changing guest demands and industry trends. This adaptability ensures that your property remains competitive and profitable.


14. Exit Strategy


Should you decide to sell your serviced accommodation property, property management companies can assist with the transition. They can market the property, handle tenant or guest arrangements during the sale, and ensure a smooth exit process. This professional support simplifies property transactions and maximizes your return on investment.


How well is the UK rent to serviced accommodation market performing?


Here are some factors that were influencing the performance of the UK rent-to-serviced accommodation market:


Domestic Tourism: Due to travel restrictions and lockdowns, there was an increase in domestic tourism in the UK. Many people opted for serviced accommodations for extended stays or staycations, which boosted demand in certain regions.


Remote Work: The rise of remote work created opportunities for longer-term stays in serviced apartments as individuals and families sought comfortable and well-equipped spaces for remote work and learning.


Health and Safety Measures: Serviced accommodation providers implemented enhanced cleaning and safety protocols to reassure guests during the pandemic, which helped maintain occupancy rates.


Corporate Travel: While corporate travel was reduced, some companies continued to book serviced apartments for essential travel. This sector saw a shift toward more extended stays.


Investor Interest: The rent-to-serviced accommodation model continued to attract investors looking for income-generating properties. Some investors viewed this sector as more resilient than traditional short-term rentals due to its potential for longer bookings.


Regulatory Environment: Local regulations and licensing requirements varied across different regions in the UK. Staying compliant with local regulations remained a challenge for property owners and management companies.


Market conditions can be influenced by factors such as economic changes, travel trends, and government policies, all of which can evolve over time.



In conclusion, professional property management for serviced accommodation offers an array of benefits that extend beyond the convenience of day-to-day operations. It provides a strategic advantage by optimizing revenue, enhancing guest satisfaction, ensuring legal compliance, and reducing risks. Property owners and investors can enjoy a hands-off approach while reaping the rewards of a thriving serviced accommodation business.

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