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Serviced Accommodation Trends

Posted by Jehan Anis on September 30, 2023



The serviced accommodation industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, driven by changing traveller preferences, technology advancements, and global events. As we enter 2024, it’s essential for property owners and operators to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating emerging trends that will shape the industry. In this article, we will explore the key serviced accommodation trends to watch out for in 2024, providing insights and strategies to help you navigate this dynamic and competitive landscape.


1. Sustainable Serviced Accommodation

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental expectation of travellers. In 2024, serviced accommodation providers will continue to prioritise eco-friendly practices. This includes implementing energy-efficient solutions, reducing single-use plastics, and sourcing local, sustainable materials for property furnishings. Properties with eco-certifications and green initiatives are likely to attract environmentally-conscious travellers seeking guilt-free stays. To stay competitive, consider investing in sustainable upgrades and showcasing your commitment to responsible tourism.


2. Enhanced Digital Guest Experience

The digital guest experience will evolve to become even more seamless and personalised in 2024. Accommodation providers will leverage advanced technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to anticipate guest needs. Chatbots and virtual concierges will offer real-time assistance, while mobile apps will allow guests to control room features, access information, and request services with ease. By adopting these technologies, you can improve guest satisfaction and streamline operations.


3. Flexible Booking Options in Serviced Accommodation

The pandemic has reshaped traveller expectations, emphasising the need for flexibility. In 2024, serviced accommodation providers will continue to offer flexible booking options, including free cancellations and last-minute changes. Subscription-based models and extended-stay packages will become more prevalent, appealing to remote workers and digital nomads seeking longer-term accommodation. By catering to changing booking behaviours, you can attract a broader range of guests and secure higher occupancy rates.


4. Wellness Amenities

Wellness will be a top priority for travellers in 2024, driving demand for accommodation properties that prioritise health and well-being. Consider offering wellness amenities such as fitness centres, yoga studios, healthy dining options, and relaxation spaces. Highlighting your property’s commitment to guest wellness can set you apart in a competitive market.


5. Localization and Authentic Experiences

Travellers increasingly seek authentic, local experiences. Serviced accommodation providers will collaborate with local businesses, tour operators, and artisans to offer guests unique experiences that go beyond traditional tourist attractions. Embrace the culture and community of your property’s location to provide memorable stays that resonate with travellers seeking authenticity.


6. Health and Safety Measures in Serviced Apartments

While the worst of the pandemic may be behind us, health and safety will remain paramount concerns for travellers. In 2024, properties will continue to implement rigorous cleaning protocols, contactless check-in/check-out processes, and regular health screenings for staff. Transparency about your safety measures and adherence to industry standards will reassure guests and drive bookings.


7. Co-Living Spaces

Co-living spaces, designed for communal living and working, will gain popularity in 2024. These spaces cater to digital nomads and remote workers, offering shared amenities like co-working spaces, communal kitchens, and social events. Consider diversifying your property portfolio to include co-living options to tap into this growing market.


As the serviced accommodation industry evolves in 2024, staying attuned to these emerging trends will be crucial for property owners and operators. By embracing sustainability, enhancing the digital guest experience, offering flexible booking options, prioritising wellness, providing authentic experiences, maintaining health and safety measures, and exploring co-living opportunities, you can position your property for success in a competitive and ever-changing landscape. Adapting to these trends will not only attract a broader range of guests but also foster guest loyalty and drive profitability in the evolving world of serviced accommodation.


8. Contactless Technology Integration

In 2024, contactless technology will continue to play a crucial role in the serviced accommodation industry. Contactless check-in and check-out processes, keyless entry systems, and mobile payment options will become standard features. These technologies not only enhance the guest experience by minimising physical contact but also improve operational efficiency for property owners. Consider investing in contactless solutions to streamline guest interactions and ensure a safer environment.


9. Data-Driven Decision Making

Data analytics and artificial intelligence will drive smarter decision-making in the serviced accommodation sector. Property owners will leverage data to gain insights into guest preferences, booking patterns, and occupancy trends. This information will inform pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, and property improvements. Embracing data-driven approaches can help you optimise revenue and enhance guest satisfaction in 2024.


10. Health and Wellness Services

As wellness continues to gain prominence, serviced accommodation providers will expand their offerings to include in-house health and wellness services. This could encompass spa facilities, meditation and yoga classes, nutrition-focused dining options, and mental health resources. Properties that prioritise the holistic well-being of their guests will stand out in the market and attract health-conscious travellers.


11. Customised Packages and Experiences

Personalization will be a key driver of guest satisfaction in 2024. Accommodation providers will offer customised packages and experiences tailored to individual guest preferences. Whether it’s crafting unique travel itineraries, arranging exclusive tours, or curating in-room amenities, the ability to cater to the specific desires of each guest will be a competitive advantage.


12. Remote Work-Friendly Spaces in Serviced Accommodation

The trend of remote work is here to stay, and serviced accommodation properties will respond by creating dedicated remote work-friendly spaces. This includes well-equipped co-working areas within properties, high-speed internet access, and ergonomic workstations. Properties that cater to the needs of remote workers will attract this growing segment of travellers seeking a blend of work and leisure.


13. Sustainable Construction and Operations

Sustainability will extend beyond operational practices to include the construction and design of serviced accommodation properties. Developers and owners will embrace eco-friendly building materials, energy-efficient systems, and green certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Green buildings not only reduce environmental impact but also appeal to eco-conscious guests.


14. Specialized Niche Properties

To meet the diverse needs of travellers, specialised niche properties will gain traction in 2024. These could include pet-friendly accommodations, allergy-free rooms, properties designed for specific types of travellers (e.g., family-friendly, LGBTQ+ friendly), and even themed accommodations. Identifying a niche and catering to its unique requirements can help properties stand out in a competitive market.


15. Subscription-Based Models

Subscription-based models for serviced accommodation will continue to evolve. These models offer travellers the flexibility to access a network of properties through a subscription fee, reducing the need for traditional bookings. Property owners can explore partnerships with subscription platforms to tap into this emerging trend.



As the serviced accommodation industry evolves in 2024, property owners and operators must stay agile and innovative to meet the changing needs and expectations of travellers. Embracing contactless technology, data-driven decision-making, health and wellness services, personalization, remote work-friendly spaces, sustainability, specialised niche properties, and subscription-based models can position your property for success in this dynamic landscape. By staying ahead of these trends, you can not only attract a broader range of guests but also foster guest loyalty and adapt to the evolving demands of the modern traveller.


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