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Assessing the Viability of the Serviced Accommodation Market

Posted by Jehan Anis on September 3, 2023

Exploring the Lucrativeness of Participating in the Serviced Accommodation Market


Diving into the Flourishing Realm of Serviced Accommodation


The burgeoning landscape of serviced accommodation emerges as the most rapidly expanding sector within the hospitality industry of the United Kingdom. This remarkable growth can be attributed to the surging demand for accommodations that offer enhanced privacy and flexibility, a niche not entirely addressed by traditional hotels, particularly in bustling urban centers. If you’re an investor seeking potential avenues for growth, the realm of serviced accommodation beckons with a multitude of promising prospects.


Seizing the Abundant Investment Prospects


Within this domain, a wealth of opportunities lay before property investors like yourself, poised to be harnessed for both financial gain and portfolio enrichment.


Profiting in the Serviced Accommodation Arena


Your foray into the realm of serviced accommodation entails renting out your property, typically an apartment, to visitors who often seek stays spanning several weeks or months.


Customizing the Experience with Amenities


A distinguishing feature of this market is the option to tailor the experience for your guests. Depending on the model you adopt, you can go beyond mere lodging by offering supplementary amenities such as kitchen appliances, linens, towels, television, broadband, and even a weekly cleaning service.


Unveiling the Allure: Why Invest in the Serviced Accommodation Market?


Venturing into the realm of serviced accommodation presents a myriad of compelling advantages that set it apart from other forms of property rental.


Striking a Balance: Shorter Stays, Heightened Returns


While the duration of guest stays may be shorter compared to traditional rentals, the potential to command significantly higher rents in the right localities presents an appealing financial proposition. Furthermore, there exist strategies, carefully curated and shared by entities such as Premier Property, that can extend the average duration of guest stays, amplifying your revenue potential.


Unveiling Strategic Triumphs


Consider, for example, the strategy of investing in corporate lets properties. This tactical maneuver facilitates swift and enduring collaborations with employers, opening doors to substantial business deals and prolonged tenancies.


Navigating Occupancy Challenges


One of the chief concerns among investors entering the serviced accommodation market revolves around maintaining a consistent occupancy rate.


Guidance for Assured Success


Rest assured, Star Sterling is poised to offer guidance on achieving and sustaining full occupancy. While this endeavor might require an extra layer of effort, the rewards of a well-occupied property are well worth the undertaking.


Navigating Earnings Potential in Serviced Accommodation Investments


A well-calibrated venture into the realm of serviced accommodation beckons with the promise of substantial earnings, offering a realistic avenue for generating a notable monthly net income.


Anticipating Earnings in Different Locations


The prospect of earnings in serviced accommodation ventures varies based on location and its associated dynamics. Outside of London, a diligently managed serviced accommodation property can potentially yield a net income exceeding £600 per month. In the bustling capital city itself, this figure escalates to a promising net income of around £1000 per month, provided you’re situated in the right locale.


Strategic Geographical Choices


Strategizing Location for Investment Success


The pivotal factor in determining the success of your serviced accommodation investment is the choice of location. Pinpointing the optimal geographical spot can make the difference between consistent occupancy and underperformance.


Tourist Destinations: A Natural Choice


The allure of tourist destinations as investment hotspots is undeniable. The perpetual stream of travelers seeking temporary abodes presents a steady stream of potential occupants. Strategically positioning your serviced accommodation property in proximity to renowned tourist spots capitalizes on this demand, leading to higher occupancy rates and potential profits.


Unlocking Business Traveler Potential


However, the spectrum of serviced accommodation’s appeal extends beyond tourists alone. Professionals embarking on business trips constitute another viable target audience. Offering well-equipped, city-center lodging tailored to the needs of these individuals can lead to equally lucrative outcomes. Such locations offer proximity to business hubs and amenities, rendering your property an attractive haven for these transient professionals.


The Intersection of Location and Investment Success


In conclusion, the realm of serviced accommodation holds the promise of substantial earnings contingent upon astute location choices. The anticipated net income, whether within or outside London, stands as a testament to the earning potential within this sector. Whether nestled in the heart of tourist havens or strategically situated for the convenience of business travelers, the geographical placement of your serviced accommodation property becomes the linchpin for unlocking a prosperous investment endeavor.


Beyond Location: Essential Considerations for Serviced Accommodation Investment


Amplifying Location with Strategic Reflection


While the significance of location remains undeniable, your contemplation must extend beyond geography to encompass other pivotal factors. Business hubs represent a strategic element that merits profound examination.


Unveiling the Business Hub Advantage


One pivotal consideration involves assessing the prevalence of professionals within the vicinity throughout the year. Locations boasting a significant presence of corporate headquarters or conference centers hold the potential to attract a steady influx of business-oriented visitors. The consistent demand generated by this demographic can translate into sustained occupancy and financial prosperity for your serviced accommodation venture.


Balancing Competition and Demand


Amid the serviced accommodation market’s overarching demand-supply imbalance, prudent caution is warranted regarding competition dynamics.


Guarding Against Oversaturation


While the prevailing demand often outpaces supply, it is judicious to safeguard your investment against potential occupancy challenges resulting from oversupply. Scrutinize platforms like and HomeAway to gauge the existing saturation of serviced accommodation offerings within your chosen locale. This assessment enables you to ascertain whether your property can assert its competitive edge and maintain consistent occupancy rates.


Gleaning Insights Through Immersion


Immersing yourself in the local landscape by visiting numerous serviced accommodation properties stands as an invaluable tactic.


Learning from Experience


Whether considering a property purchase or assuming the role of a guest, this hands-on approach provides direct insight into the expectations and standards of serviced accommodation within the area. Engaging with property owners or managers grants you the opportunity to glean insights into performance metrics, occupancy trends, and potential areas for enhancement.


Summing Up the Strategic Outlook


Investing in serviced accommodation presents a lucrative avenue to tap into the burgeoning hospitality landscape. However, success necessitates thorough due diligence encompassing local demand assessments, competitive analysis, and regulatory adherence. Beyond location, factors like property type, amenities, and management strategy loom large in the investment equation. Crafting a robust marketing and distribution plan further ensures your ability to attract and retain guests. Armed with these insights, venturing into serviced accommodation investment can yield not only a reliable income stream but also pave the way for sustained long-term growth.




In conclusion, the serviced accommodation market emerges as a dynamic and compelling arena for investment within the hospitality sector. As the fastest-growing segment of the United Kingdom’s hospitality industry, it presents a fertile ground for those seeking to capitalize on evolving travel preferences and accommodation needs. The potential for substantial earnings is evident, with strategic location choices, amenity customization, and engagement with diverse traveler demographics offering pathways to success.


However, the decision to participate in this market necessitates meticulous research, prudent planning, and a nuanced understanding of various factors beyond location. Business hubs, competition dynamics, and on-the-ground insights gleaned from property visits all contribute to a comprehensive investment strategy. By delving into these considerations and devising a robust management and marketing approach, investors can unlock the potential of the serviced accommodation market.


Ultimately, success in this endeavor hinges upon a holistic perspective that recognizes the interplay of diverse elements. As with any investment venture, a balanced assessment of risks and rewards, coupled with a dedication to delivering quality experiences, forms the bedrock of sustained profitability and long-term growth in the serviced accommodation sector.


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