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Residency By Investment

By way of investing in a real estate, business or depositing funds with the Government, Residency by Investment programmes can grant immediate residency, often referred to as the Golden Visa.

84% of all European Golden Visa applications are submitted to Greece, Spain and Portugal as being the most popular destinations among investors. As a European resident you can travel to any of the 26 Schengen States visa-free for up to 90 days in any 6 months period.

Ideal for investors not looking to relocate immediately but want to have the flexibility to relocate and settle in Europe at a future time. Main applicant can include spouse and children within the same investment.

Look at our programmes starting from €250,000. Applications can be approved within 12 weeks.

Let’s talk with one of our expert advisers to plan your journey to become a European Citizen in 90 days.

Star Sterling provides experienced guidance on residency by investment programs in some of the world’s best locations in terms of the business sector, standard of living, and the prospect of obtaining citizenship. Listed below are the details of the benefits of residency by investment.

Benfits of RBI

  • It is legal for you to do business and commerce in your host nation as a permanent resident.
  • World-class services are available to you. Education and health services are open to permanent residents in the nation where they live.
  • Permanent residence can be granted in as short as three months under some programs. Most residency programs enable you to extend the advantages of your residency to your spouse and any children you have.
  • Tax reductions. Personal and business tax rates in your host nation may be as low as 10% in countries that allow permanent residency.


Travel to all 26 Schengen states including Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy visa-free.




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