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With the rise of online booking platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com, more and more travelers are opting for short-term rentals over traditional hotels. This trend has created a high demand for serviced accommodation, particularly in popular tourist destinations. By investing in an R2SA business, you can tap into this growing market and potentially generate strong returns.

Reason 2


Serviced accommodation typically generates a higher nightly rate than long-term rentals, which means that an R2SA business can generate consistent cash flow. Additionally, since renters typically pay in advance, you can have a predictable income stream that can help you better manage your business finances.

Reason 3


An R2SA business can offer flexibility in terms of how you manage your property. For example, you can choose to manage the property yourself or hire a property management company to handle things like guest communication, cleaning, and maintenance. This can give you more control over your investment and help you tailor your approach to fit your goals and lifestyle.

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Are you tired of boring investments that barely make a dent in your bank account? Ready to spice things up and invest in something with a little more pizzazz? Look no further! Star Sterling has got you covered.

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Are you ready to take your property investment game to the next level? If you’re looking for expert insights and actionable advice on how to build a profitable property portfolio, look no further than our YouTube channel. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, our team of property investment experts is here to guide you through the market and help you achieve your financial goals. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our channel and start watching now!

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Star Sterling Limited is Registered in England with Co# 11603580. VAT # 308 2094 22
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Why work with us?


We are a highly professional yet personal property sourcing company with a mind for business and heart for people.We believe in keeping things simple. With past performance history, conservative projected income, detailed costs and no hidden fees, you are in control at all times.

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In depth macro and micro research with comprehensive local area knowledge to make sure you’re not only investing in the right property but in the right location too.

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We provide complete start to finish service to our investors, right from sourcing to referencing/conveyancing, financing, setup and refurbs all the way to let and manage.

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As Rent To Serviced Accommodation & Buy To Let investors ourselves, we know what works and what doesn’t. Rest assured you’ll receive the most honest & impartial advice.

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The most detailed financial analysis you’ll ever find by property specialist Chartered Accountants. We don’t sell deals that look good on paper but which make real cash

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to take your property investment game to the next level? If you’re looking for expert insights and actionable advice on how to build a .

“Rent-to-rent” is a real estate investment technique in which a renter rents a property from a landlord on a long-term lease and then sublets it to other renters for a greater monthly rent than what they pay to the landlord. In recent years, rent-to-rent has grown in popularity in the United Kingdom, particularly in big cities with a high demand for rental properties.


Sometimes referred to as a “rent-to-renter” or “rent-to-rent landlord,” the tenant who sublets the property is responsible for managing the property and all parts of renting it out to tenants. The rent-to-renter makes a profit by asking a greater rent than what they pay the landlord, and they may generate additional money by renting out individual rooms.

“Rent-to-serviced accommodation” is another property investment method in which a landlord or property investor rents out a property on a long-term lease, but instead of subletting it to regular tenants, they offer it as fully furnished, short-term accommodation for travellers, business workers, or anybody in need of temporary housing.


The property investor is in charge of managing the property and all elements of offering a pleasant and convenient stay for guests, such as cleaning, upkeep, and supplying Wi-Fi, televisions, and kitchen equipment.

The phrase “serviced accommodation” refers to a short-term accommodation that is completely furnished and equipped with amenities and services to facilitate a comfortable and convenient stay for visitors. Serviced accommodation provides greater space, privacy, and convenience than a hotel room, while still offering hotel-like amenities and services such as housekeeping, maintenance, and customer care.

 As a property investment firm that specialises in rent-to-serviced accommodation, we offer a range of services to help investors invest in this type of property. Here are some ways that our property investment firm might help an investor invest in rent-to-serviced accommodation:


  1. Identifying investment opportunities
  2. Property management (Snagging, Staging, Photography)
  3. Legal and regulatory compliance
  4. Financial analysis and advice

Sourcing rent for serviced accommodation typically involves identifying potential properties that can be rented out for short-term stays, such as furnished apartments or vacation rentals. Here are some steps you can follow to source rent for serviced accommodation:


Identify your target market: Determine the type of guests you want to attract, such as business travellers, tourists, or families. This will help you choose the right location and amenities for your serviced accommodation.


Search for properties: Look for properties that meet your criteria, such as location, size, and amenities. You can search online listings, work with a local real estate agent, or network with property owners and landlords.


Negotiate lease terms: Once you find a suitable property, negotiate the lease terms with the landlord or property owner. Be sure to discuss the length of the lease, rent payment terms, and any other conditions that may affect your ability to operate a serviced accommodation.


Furnish and equip the property: Once you have secured the property, furnish and equip it with all the necessary amenities and supplies, such as furniture, linens, kitchen appliances, and toiletries.


Advertise and market the property: Promote your serviced accommodation through online listings, social media, and advertising. Make sure to showcase the features and benefits of your property to attract potential guests.


Manage and maintain the property: Ensure that your property is well-maintained and cleaned regularly to meet the expectations of your guests. You may also need to hire staff or outsource services to manage the property and provide guest support.


Overall, sourcing rent for serviced accommodation requires careful planning, research, and negotiation skills to find the right property and attract guests.

To ensure that a property is suitable for serviced accommodation, you should consider several factors, including location, size, amenities, and safety.

We typically source 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed apartments. The type of property can vary as long as it is profitable and situated in a desirable location.

Yes, you can. Even Though we do the process of thoroughly researching and analysing an investment opportunity to evaluate its potential risks and rewards,  it is always advisable to conduct your own due diligence as an investor before making any investment decisions. 

The nightly rate is majorly dependent on the area/location of the property and the market rate being offered. 

Depends on the estate agent. Sometimes we charge 1 month upfront rent and 5 weeks deposit.

No, we don’t. Only sometimes the admin fee is required by the estate agent, otherwise there’s no charge. 

Yes, we are. 

Yes, we manage the entire process of snagging and staging the property. As a hands-off investor, you don’t have to go through any hassle of setting up the property. 

Yes, we do offer serviced accommodation management services as well. 

Yes. Passive investing is often considered a more hands-off approach to investing, as it allows investors to earn a return on their investment without actively managing the assets. 

Average investment required is £7500. The price can vary as per the location of the property. 

This depends entirely on the investor. If you can afford to pay upfront then you can buy the furniture. If you’re a little tight on budget, then you can lease the furniture.

This is a rare occurrence, however, the investor can exit the contract after 12 months.

Once the property has been viewed by the investor, it takes a few days to get the rental agreement finalised. Usually it takes 2-3 months for the property to go live. 

There are multiple platforms:


  1. Booking.com
  2. Airbnb
  3. Rental United
  4. Vrbo, homelike
  5. Misterb&b
  6. Guesty
  7. Xclusive Living 
  8. Corporate Agencies
  9. Situ, Owl, ICAB, Tradestay, Roomless, Pillowpartner, The square, Silverdoor, Roost, Rentola,OpenRent, Comfy Workers
  10. Direct bookings database 
  11. Contractor companies database

The mix of guests staying in serviced apartments can vary depending on the location, amenities, and pricing of the apartments. However, generally speaking, serviced apartments tend to be popular among business travellers, families, and individuals looking for an extended stay.


Business travellers often choose serviced apartments because they offer more space and privacy than a traditional hotel room, as well as the convenience of having a fully equipped kitchen and a dedicated workspace. Families also tend to enjoy serviced apartments because they can accommodate more people and offer amenities like a separate living area and kitchen, making it feel more like a home away from home.


Other guests who may opt for serviced apartments include people relocating to a new city or individuals in need of temporary accommodation due to home renovations or other reasons. Overall, serviced apartments tend to attract guests who value comfort, convenience, and flexibility in their accommodation options.

Star Sterling Limited operates a staged fee policy based on the occupancy to align our interest with our clients. The management fees are charged as per the following occupancy levels.


  • Up to 50% occupancy – £83.33 + VAT (£100 inclusive of VAT)
  • Between 50% and 75% – 12.5% + VAT (15% inclusive of VAT)
  • Between 75% and 90% – 15% + VAT (18% inclusive of VAT)
  • Between 90% and 100% – 20% + VAT (22% inclusive of VAT)


The fee is charged based on a percentage of the total gross revenue collected minus OTA fees.

Minimum 36 months with 12 months break clause. The investor has to notify 3 months prior to existing the contract. 

Yes, if you want to you can. However, it is recommended to have your property managed by a reputable company, such as Star Sterling, to avoid any unnecessary hassle. 

Serviced accommodation can be a good investment strategy for several reasons. First, it offers higher potential returns compared to traditional buy-to-let properties. Serviced accommodation can generate higher rental yields as it targets a niche market of short-term rentals for travellers, tourists, and business people.


Second, serviced accommodation provides more flexibility for investors. Unlike long-term rentals, serviced accommodation can be rented out on a short-term basis, which means that investors can adjust rental rates and occupancy levels to respond to changing market conditions. This can help investors maximise their returns and reduce the risk of vacancies.


Overall, serviced accommodation can be a good investment strategy for investors who are looking for higher potential returns, greater flexibility, and tax advantages. However, like any investment, it comes with risks, and investors should conduct thorough research and due diligence before making any investment decisions.

Rent to rent is legal in the UK, but it is subject to certain regulations and requirements. Rent to rent is a type of property investment strategy in which an investor rents a property from the owner and then sublets it to tenants for a profit.


In the UK, rent to rent is regulated under the Housing Act 1988, which requires landlords to obtain permission from their mortgage lender and the local authority before subletting a property. Landlords must also ensure that the property meets all legal and safety requirements, such as obtaining a gas safety certificate and installing smoke detectors.

Working with rent to serviced accommodation operators can offer several benefits for landlords. Some of these benefits include:


Guaranteed rent: Rent to serviced accommodation operators often provide a guaranteed rent to the landlord, which means the landlord can have a consistent income stream without having to worry about tenants defaulting on their rent payments.


Professional management: Serviced accommodation operators are experienced in managing properties and dealing with guests, which can relieve the landlord of the burden of managing the property themselves.


Higher rental income: Rent to serviced accommodation operators can offer higher rental income compared to traditional long-term rental agreements. This is because serviced accommodation is often priced at a premium due to the added amenities and services.


Reduced vacancy rates: Serviced accommodation operators often have a steady flow of guests, which can reduce vacancy rates for the landlord.

In London, the 90-day rule refers to a restriction on the use of residential premises for short-term rentals, such as those posted on home-sharing sites like Airbnb.


Under the Greater London Council (General Powers) Act of 1973, it is unlawful to rent out an entire residential property in London for more than 90 nights per calendar year without the local council’s authorization. This means that hosts can only rent out their full property for short-term visits for a maximum of ninety days per year without approval from the local municipality.


The 90-day restriction is intended to prevent London houses from being used exclusively for short-term rentals, which can have a negative effect on the local housing market by lowering the quantity of available long-term rental properties. It also aids in preventing problems such as noise disturbance and antisocial conduct, which can occasionally occur from short-term leases.


It is important to note that the 90-day limit applies exclusively to entire properties rented for short-term visits. As long as the host is still living on the premises throughout the guest’s stay, it does not apply to separate rooms inside a property.

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Established in 2019, Star Sterling is a family-run business based in the UK. As a cutting-edge investment advisory firm, we aim to deliver top-of-the-line investment services to all our valued clients. Leveraging a dynamic combination of finance and real estate expertise, we specialize in B2SA, R2SA, and BTL property investments.
Our professionals work tirelessly to identify the best investment solutions for estate agents, landlords, and investors and cultivate long-term partnerships for future success. We partner with businesses to find suitable properties to provide premium accommodation on a short-term basis to business travelers and contractors. By creating customized strategies for our clients, our services extend beyond the traditional confines of real estate

Our Typical Investors are

✓ People with a minimum of £7,500 to invest into Rent To Serviced Accommodation and £50,000 into Below Market Value property deals
✓ Looking to build high cash-flowing Rent To Serviced Accommodation portfolio (either passively or self-managed)
✓ Looking to buy Below Market Value residential properties with 8% to 10% annual return on capital
✓ Looking to achieve financial freedom through property investment in the UK
✓ Looking for safe and secure investment opportunities with low risk
✓ Looking to build a legacy for their family’s future

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