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Long Let vs Short Let investment

Posted by Jehan Anis on May 27, 2022


Long Let vs Short Let Investment


Property is undoubtedly one of the best investment options a person can make for generating long-term returns and a strongly-funded pension pot. However, it is essential to consider how property can create wealth in the long term and provide sufficient momentary income. Therefore, this blog will explore the benefits and drawbacks of short-term rentals vs long-term tenants.


What is a long or short let?


The duration of a long-term let is typically one year or more and is usually always longer than six months. This sort of let is termed a residential lease, and the tenant will have signed a tenancy agreement with the owner.


On the other hand, a short-term let is a guest’s accommodation and is frequently used during vacations or quick trips away.


These often range from one night to several weeks but never exceed six months. Short-term let’s are commonly associated with vacation let companies host Airbnb and manage holiday cottages.


How is short-term let better than long-term?




Given that short-term let is frequently booked as vacation accommodations, individuals are ready to spend much more to stay there, resulting in increased revenue. The rent for these short-term rentals may fluctuate throughout the year, rising in the summer and during school vacations, but is always greater than that of a long-term let (on average 30 percent more).


When taking a vacation, individuals want to enjoy the full benefits of the place and are willing to pay for the whole experience; this includes staying in houses close to the destination’s famous attractions and entertainment sites. If you’re wondering why someone would choose a long-term lease over a short-term one, it’s pertinent to mention that a long-term rental may be a safe and straightforward solution since it delivers a more secure and predictable income without finding weekly tenants.


Even though short-term rentals may not be fully booked every week of the year, the increased rent pricing during significant holiday periods compensates for this. Since the recent development of ‘staycations,’ most popular in coastal places, and the rising popularity of advertising platforms such as Airbnb listings and Vrbo, homeowners in areas such as Ceredigion rarely have to worry about a lack of interest. It is so simple to locate vacation rentals and for landlords to find tenants.


Renovation And Tenants


Another advantage of short-term rentals is that the property is maintained to a far higher standard. Due to constant use, long-term properties experience more wear and tear and are not as well-maintained as short-term properties. 


Short-term properties are cleaned after each booking (some for as little as a few days), so they remain in good condition at all times. 


These frequent visits and inspections also ensure that any problems or damages are identified and repaired before they worsen. This indicates that the property will likely incur fewer maintenance and repair expenses. 


Moreover, tenants that are difficult to manage might lead to contract terminations and additional fees for landlords. Again, short-term renting eliminates this risk because bad tenants will only be staying for a brief period. It is adaptable and permits the owner to accept and evict renters at his or her discretion.


Easy Management


Despite all the apparent advantages, the time and effort required to regularly clean and maintain the property is the key issue that discourages individuals from considering short-term rentals. It can become full-time work in maintenance, client engagement, and overall management, despite generating substantially higher revenue.


A vacation rental agency leaves you with fewer concerns and substantial funds in your bank account.


In short, they are feasible and eliminate the trouble typically associated with short-term letting. With the assistance of a holiday rental agency, you have to explore short-term rental for your house.

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