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Furnishing Your Serviced Accommodation Property: Exploring the Benefits of Furniture Leasing

Posted by Jehan Anis on August 19, 2023

Furnishing a serviced accommodation property requires careful planning and attention to detail to create a comfortable and inviting space for guests. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up and furnish your rental property for serviced accommodation:


1. Define Your Target Audience:

Understand who your potential guests are. Are they business travellers, tourists, families, or a mix? This will influence your furnishing choices, such as the type of furniture, amenities, and decor.

2. Budget and Planning:

Set a budget for furnishing the property. This will guide your purchasing decisions and help you prioritise essential items. Create a detailed plan that includes room-by-room furnishing, decor, and a timeline for completion.


3. Basic Furniture:

Start with essential furniture pieces that provide functionality and comfort. These include beds, sofas, dining tables and chairs, nightstands, dressers, and storage units. Opt for durable, easy-to-clean materials that can withstand frequent use.


4. Quality Bedding:

Invest in high-quality mattresses, pillows, and bedding. Comfortable sleep is a top priority for guests, and good bedding can make a significant difference in their experience.


5. Kitchen Essentials:

Equip the kitchen with necessary appliances like a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher (if applicable). Provide cookware, utensils, dinnerware, and glassware suitable for the maximum number of guests your property can accommodate.


6. Technology and Entertainment:

Install essential electronics such as a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi router, and charging stations. A smart TV with streaming services can enhance guest entertainment options.


7. Lighting:

Choose a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. Consider floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lights, and wall sconces. Make sure each room is well-lit and has adjustable lighting options.


8. Decor and Artwork:

Decorate with neutral colors that appeal to a broad range of guests. Add tasteful artwork, mirrors, and decorative accents to personalize the space without overwhelming it.


9. Window Treatments:

Install curtains or blinds for privacy and light control. Consider blackout curtains to ensure guests can sleep comfortably, especially if the property is located in a well-lit area.


10. Storage Solutions:

Provide ample storage options such as closets, dressers, and shelves. Guests appreciate having space to unpack and store their belongings.


11. Bathroom Amenities:

Stock bathrooms with fresh towels, toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash), a hairdryer, and toilet paper. Ensure the bathroom is clean, well-ventilated, and has good lighting.


12. Cleaning Supplies:

Leave cleaning supplies such as brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, and basic cleaning agents in a designated storage area. This allows guests to maintain the cleanliness of the space during their stay.


13. Safety Considerations:

Install smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire extinguisher. Ensure all doors and windows have functioning locks. Prioritize guest safety throughout the property.


14. Outdoor Space:

If your property has outdoor space, furnish it with weather-resistant seating, tables, and possibly a barbecue or fire pit. Outdoor amenities can enhance the overall guest experience.


15. Regular Maintenance:

Regularly inspect and maintain the property to ensure everything remains in good condition. Replace or repair items as needed to provide a consistent and enjoyable experience for your guests.

Furnishing a serviced accommodation property is a comprehensive process that requires attention to detail, a clear vision of your target audience, and a commitment to providing a comfortable and inviting space for your guests. By following these steps and putting thought into each aspect of the property, you can create a successful and well-received rental space. But, wouldn’t this be a hassle? And all so expensive? We have the perfect solution! Instead of buying all the furniture upfront, LEASE IT!


Here are the advantages of opting for furniture leasing for your serviced accommodation (SA) property business:


Eliminate Upfront Expenses:

If you require new furniture while aiming to maintain your cash flow, furniture leasing provides an effective solution. Leasing furniture ensures you avoid significant initial costs and instead allows you to spread payments over manageable monthly lease installments.


Flexible Payment Options:

Leasing companies possess the expertise to guide you through various flexible furniture financing choices and payment structures. With a plethora of financing alternatives, you’re likely to discover a payment plan that aligns with your company’s cash flow and financial forecasts. This approach frees up your existing cash, credit lines, and banking resources for your business’s prospective expansion.


Tax Advantages:

Beyond enhancing your company’s cash flow, leasing new furniture can be remarkably tax-efficient. How does this work? Your leasing provider can furnish the specifics, but in essence, lease payments are categorised as operational expenses and can be fully deducted from pre-tax profits.


VAT Handling:

Cash holds significant importance, particularly for businesses reliant on a healthy cash flow. How does leasing office furniture contribute to cash flow and VAT management? In lease-financing arrangements, VAT is settled with each payment, diverging from the lump-sum payment associated with outright purchases. Consequently, rather than paying the complete VAT upfront, it is distributed across instalments. This distribution of VAT expenditure imparts a cash flow advantage to your serviced accommodation business.


Stable Rental Costs:

Opting for a lease agreement for your new acquisitions confers the advantage of consistent monthly costs, warding off unwelcome surprises. Moreover, rates remain fixed throughout the lease duration, simplifying budgeting and cash flow projections.


Several leasing companies are uniquely positioned to extend lease options to nascent enterprises and those with less favourable credit histories. They might also have access to specialised lenders catering to these ventures.


Furthermore, a furniture lease agreement empowers your serviced accommodation to establish an elegant and appealing interior ambiance while benefiting from cutting-edge office equipment. All the while, your capital remains preserved for other critical serviced accommodation business investments.



 In conclusion, opting for furniture leasing offers a range of compelling advantages for your serviced accommodation property business. From alleviating upfront expenses and providing flexible payment structures to leveraging tax benefits and managing VAT payments strategically, furniture leasing proves to be a prudent financial choice. The stability of fixed rental costs ensures predictable financial planning, while the unique ability of rental costs to decrease in real terms over time adds another layer of economic benefit. Moreover, furniture leasing caters to diverse scenarios, including new enterprises and startups, offering tailored solutions that support growth even in challenging credit situations. Embracing furniture leasing not only facilitates a stylish and modern interior for your property but also preserves valuable capital, empowering your business to invest strategically in other areas. With these advantages in mind, furniture leasing stands as a savvy approach to enhancing your serviced accommodation property business’s financial health and long-term success.


FAQ’s Furnishing Your Serviced Accommodation Property:


What should you take into account while determining your serviced accommodation property’s target market?

The answer is that while defining the target audience, you need to take into account things like the visitor’s purpose for visiting (business or leisure), their age, career, and interests, as well as any potential local services and attractions.


What positive effects does purchasing top-notch bedding have on visitors to a serviced lodging facility?

The improvement of guest comfort and sleep quality is a result of high-quality bedding, including mattresses and pillows. A restful night’s sleep is essential for guest contentment, which results in favorable evaluations and repeat reservations.


What benefits can be obtained by decorating a serviced accommodation house with elegant artwork and neutral colors?

To a wide range of visitors, neutral hues foster a calm and welcome ambiance. A tasteful piece of artwork personalizes the area without overpowering it, improving its aesthetic appeal and comfort.


Why is it crucial to have both ambient and task lighting in a serviced apartment building?

Answer: Task lighting is used for specific tasks like reading or working, whereas ambient lighting establishes the overall ambiance and offers broad illumination. Each room’s utility and atmosphere are improved by combining the two.


In terms of planning and cash flow, how does leasing furniture for a serviced accommodation facility benefit business owners?

Answer: Leasing furniture enables business owners to spread payments over manageable monthly installments and avoid upfront fees. This keeps revenue flowing smoothly, provides tax benefits, and makes it easier to stick to a consistent budget for rental property furnishings.


What tax advantages does a serviced accommodation property owner stand to gain by choosing furniture leasing?

The lease payments for furniture are deductible in full from pre-tax profits as operational expenses, which could result in tax savings for the company.


In what ways can handling VAT in furniture leasing help with cash flow management?

Instead of demanding a one-time upfront payment, furniture leasing spreads VAT payments out over the course of the lease. By eliminating a substantial upfront VAT expense, this strategy helps to improve cash flow.


What benefit does a constant rental cost offer when choosing furniture leasing?

The owner of a serviced accommodation property benefits from regular and predictable monthly rental fees that make budgeting and financial planning easier and less likely to result in unforeseen costs.


How might leasing furniture help new businesses or startups in the serviced accommodation sector?

Furniture leasing provides specialized options for companies with a range of credit histories. It encourages growth and financial flexibility by allowing entrepreneurs to acquire contemporary and fashionable furnishings without making a sizable initial investment.


What long-term advantages can furniture leasing provide for the financial stability of a serviced accommodation property business?

The business can strategically spend in other areas such as marketing, customer service, and property renovations thanks to the preservation of important capital provided through furniture leasing. This helps the company succeed and expand on a whole.


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