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A Complete Guide To Residency And Citizenship By Investment

Posted by Jehan Anis on April 14, 2023

Complete Guide To Residency And Citizenship By Investment

A Complete Guide To Residency And Citizenship By Investment




People from around the globe migrate to countries with better opportunities via a variety of routes.


According to a United Nations report, the total number of international immigrants is 272 million, or more than 3.5% of the world’s population, with three out of every four international migrants being of working age.


These migrations have spawned the revolutionary concepts of ‘Residency-by-investment’ and ‘Citizenship-by-investment’ (or “RCBI”) within the Investment Immigration industry, which is expected to be worth well over $3.5 billion by 2020.


Globally, the investment immigration industry is growing in prominence. In the past decade, some of the most prominent investment immigration programs have experienced double-digit growth.


This guide clarifies the concept of investment migration, leading trends in the international immigration industry, and tips for securing your and your family’s future residency or citizenship through investment immigration investor programs for those interested in expediting a foreign country’s citizenship or residency and obtaining a second passport.




Investment immigration, also known as immigration investor program, is the process by which countries raise capital from foreign immigrants in exchange for granting them permanent residency or citizenship. It enables nations to raise funds for various public programs and attract foreign investment. The foreign investors, on the other hand, can legally reside in the country in which they have invested, obtain residency or citizenship expeditiously, and receive numerous benefits through their newly acquired second passport.




Access to superior medical care: Immigrants have access to a superior healthcare system in high-income regions, including North America, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Australia. Nevertheless, it is essential to select an immigration destination that accommodates immigrants within its healthcare system, as opposed to supplying only basic coverage. 


Better employment prospects or career outlook: An increasing number of migrant workers, career aspirants, and even investors are migrating to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom in search of improved employment and business opportunities.


Access to better academic standards: Children can benefit from the high standards of education in destination countries. It is crucial to realise that over three million students seek visas to study in other countries. In fact, the majority of these prospective students work with immigration attorneys or consultancies to navigate the process.


Eradication of additional factors (climate-driven and socioeconomic): Individuals with a high net worth are increasingly concerned about climate change and political stability.


Freedom of movement: The majority of countries offering citizenship-by-investment programs have high-ranking passports. Investors who obtain citizenship receive a second passport valid for visa-free travel to more than 100 countries. They have the option to be wherever they want, whenever they want.


Tax benefits: Stable business conditions and tax policies are advantageous and alluring factors.




  • By 2025, the global investment migration market could be worth $100 billion (USD). (Credit: IMIDaily)
  • The most lucrative investment immigration programs are EB-5 in the United States, Tier 1 in the United Kingdom, and IIP in Quebec. (Credit: IMIDaily)
  • Over 750 million individuals are willing to migrate to a new country if given the opportunity. (According to Gallup World Poll)
  • Over 750 million individuals are willing to migrate to a new country if given the opportunity. (According to Gallup World Poll)






The United States of America is the destination of choice for investment expatriates. The country is home to more than 50 million immigrants. Multiple immigration investment programs are administered by the United States, including E2 visa. The E2 visa is a nonimmigrant visa for investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals who wish to establish a business in the United States. With an E2 visa, it is possible to establish or invest in a business in the United States and then work for that business. 




The United Kingdom ranks fourth in terms of the number of immigrants residing in the country.Self Sponsorship Visa UK is a type of visa that enables you to establish a business in the United Kingdom and be sponsored by your own company. There is no minimum or maximum investment quantity required. The quantity of investment must be determined by the type of business you plan to conduct in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, based on our experience, we believe that £40,000 to £50,000 should be sufficient. In addition, you have to reveal the fund to the Home Office before sending your application for a licence to sponsor a skilled migrant. It facilitates your sponsor licence’s approval.




Due to their substantial benefits, European, Caribbean, and Pacific passports have acquired immense popularity over the years. With a one-time investment, a second citizenship is offered for life (and transferable to future generations) with benefits ranging from an attractive tax regime to visa-free travel and the right to reside in Schengen countries and around the world.  The majority of programs have no residency, language, or professional talent requirements.




Citizenship in Grenada can be obtained in exchange for a minimum donation of $150,000 to a government fund or the purchase of property commencing at $220,000.


The Grenada Citizenship by Investment program grants investors and their families a second passport that permits visa-free travel to over 144 countries, including the United Kingdom, EU Schengen nations, China, Russia, and Singapore. Additionally, citizens of Grenada are able to apply for the US E2 visa as well.




Travel the world with a Dominica passport in exchange for a payment of $100,000 to the government or a real estate investment of $200,000.


The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is the most affordable in the Caribbean and provides a rapid path to acquiring a second citizenship and visa-free access to over 143 countries in as little as two to four months.


The ownership is transferable and valid for life, making Dominica a true investment that provides economic and political security for your entire family.


In Conclusion


After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the what, why, and how to purchase a second passport through investment immigration. The entire immigration process requires significant time, resources, and concentration over an extended period. The majority of individuals may find it difficult to navigate the entire procedure.


Working with a professional immigration attorney at a government-appointed immigration firm not only increases your chances of effectively completing the process and gaining approval, but also safeguards you against any immigration frauds.


Are you prepared to move forward to secure your future? Do you have any questions regarding immigration and which investment program is ideal for you? Contact us for details.

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