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Anichi Resort & Spa is an approved real estate project featured in Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program, which ranks first in the world. Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. is the developer of the one-of-a-kind resort, which is branded by Marriott International’s premium Autograph Collection and developed by Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. By investing in preferred shares or freehold suites at this government-approved Citizenship by Investment real estate project, individuals can acquire Dominican citizenship. With their citizenship, purchasers of preferred shares will receive a share certificate, while purchasers of suites will receive a title deed.


Anichi Resort & Spa offers exceptional citizenship benefits for both single and family candidates.




As an Autograph Collection hotel, Anichi Resort & Spa is part of the group of hotels managed by Marriott International. The largest hotel operator in the world, Marriott International, has a rewards program with approximately 110 million members.




At Anichi Resort & Spa, purchasers of redeemable shares or freehold suites are eligible to get a driver’s licence and access other citizenship services at no additional cost.




During the development period of the project and when the resort opens for business, purchasers of redeemable shares or freehold suites get annual returns.


Acquire Property and Citizenship in Dominica


Anichi Resort & Spa – A State Approved Citizenship by Investment Project 


When you acquire property from Anichi Resort & Spa – a member of Marriott International’s premium brand – Autograph Collection, you can obtain a second citizenship from Dominica, allowing you to travel visa-free around the globe. As a government-approved citizenship-by-investment project, Anichi Resort & Spa not only adheres to Marriott International’s quality standards, but also is subject to comprehensive government oversight.


This eco-chic citizenship by investment project, located on Dominica’s scenic Picard Beach, combines the unique characteristics of the Autograph Collection with a refined, elegant design that symbolises and celebrates Dominica’s dynamic essence.


Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. offers lifestyle choices, including Preferred Shares and Freehold Suites, for citizenship investment in this exquisitely curated Autograph Collection hotel.

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