Damac Hills, Dubai

Damac Hills Camelia Buy-to-Let Dubai

Safe, fully managed highly profitable Buy to Let developments in Dubai

― Damac Hills Camelia


Timeless by design, this development allows you to build the future you’ve always wanted – for you and for the ones who matter most. With elegant exteriors crafted to showcase luxury living at its finest, residents can look forward to a wealth of space, inside and out. Look at life differently as you embrace the new, the exciting and the adventurous in a community that creates countless experiences, luxury living in brilliant spaces and a sense of belonging for all.

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AED 900,000

Starting From

8% (Tax Free)

Expected ROI per year

40%+ (Before Handover)

Expected capital growth in 5 years

Q2 2025

Expected Completion


3 bedrooms Townhouses

A perfect home

Experience the refined ambiance of the elegantly styled lobby, which sets the scene for your arrival home.


Fully furnished
State-of-the-art fittings
Superlative amenities
Modern equipment

Furniture & Furnishings

Contemporary furniture
Exquisite furnishings

Suite of services

IT & Entertainment

― Damac Hills Camelia

Adventure at every corner

Key Features

Malibu beach

Swimming pool



― Damac Hills Camelia

The ideal investment


3 bedrooms Townhouses

Starting From AED 1.32m

Damac Hills Camelia Buy-to-Let Dubai
Damac Hills Camelia Buy-to-Let Dubai
Damac Hills Camelia - Damac Hills Camelia Buy-to-Let Dubai
Damac Hills Camelia Buy-to-Let Dubai
Damac Hills Camelia Buy-to-Let Dubai
Damac Hills Camelia Buy-to-Let Dubai

― Damac Hills Camelia

More to explore everyday

Fishing lake

Wave pool


Water park




Dance studio

― Damac Hills Camelia

Providing Value Per Square Foot

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Established in 2019, Star Sterling is a family-run business based in the UK. As a cutting-edge investment advisory firm, we aim to deliver top-of-the-line investment services to all our valued clients. Leveraging a dynamic combination of finance and real estate expertise, we specialize in B2SA, R2SA, and BTL property investments.
Our professionals work tirelessly to identify the best investment solutions for estate agents, landlords, and investors and cultivate long-term partnerships for future success. We partner with businesses to find suitable properties to provide premium accommodation on a short-term basis to business travelers and contractors. By creating customized strategies for our clients, our services extend beyond the traditional confines of real estate

Our Typical Investors are

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✓ Looking to buy Below Market Value residential properties with 8% to 10% annual return on capital
✓ Looking to achieve financial freedom through property investment in the UK
✓ Looking for safe and secure investment opportunities with low risk
✓ Looking to build a legacy for their family’s future

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