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Birmingham and its Top Tourist Attractions

Posted by Jehan Anis on January 2, 2023

Birmingham and its Top Tourist Attractions 1

The cityscape of Birmingham is unrecognisable compared to a couple of decades ago, as rehabilitation is occurring at a constant rate in every area of the city.


Simultaneously, Birmingham remains one of the most popular investment destinations in Europe, attracting billions of dollars in shopping, infrastructural, residential, and commercial projects.


The benefits of revitalization and investment initiatives are substantial for landlords and investors. Not only does the city become a more desirable location to live, but the standard of Serviced Apartments and facilities also continues to rise, resulting in an increase in the number of tourists and travellers.


Birmingham is becoming an increasingly livable city due to its world-class museums, lively nightlife, and historical and cultural attractions.


National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Cadbury World, and Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses attract a large number of visitors each year, and the city is home to endless Michelin-starred restaurants, in addition to parks, botanical gardens, and much more!


In recent years, Birmingham has benefited from the “Peaky Blinders” impact, as tourists come to the area to explore the stories and sites depicted in the popular television show. This phenomenon attracted a record 131 million people to the West Midlands in 2018 and led to the emergence of a growing number of tours, events, and attractions as part of a £12.6 billion tourism sector.


Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top things to do in Birmingham, so you can learn more about the exciting experiences you can have here.


National Sea Life Centre

Birmingham and its Top Tourist Attractions 2 min

As the most popular family-friendly attraction in Birmingham, the National Sea Life Centre has earned its spot on this list. We all know how difficult it can be to keep children entertained while traveling, what with their tendency to become bored at the drop of a hat, but this location is certain to catch their imaginations. With numerous events held throughout the year, there is always something for youngsters to do at the center, from Dinosaur Detective events to events using their state-of-the-art interactive rockpools. From Jellyfish to Nurse Sharks, Octopi to Black Tip Reef Sharks, there are a variety of animals within the enormous tanks. You can walk down a corridor with a glass ceiling that runs beneath an aquarium filled with these animals. However, over the past few months, they’ve launched a new attraction that is sure to pique the interest of a great number of children, including the grandeur of an Antarctic landscape…and Gentoo Penguins. You can stand and admire the audacity of these feathered companions.

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Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham and its Top Tourist Attractions 3 min

Is it difficult for travelling families with children to keep their children occupied in museums due to varying tastes? This museum may be the one that convinces them all. There appears to be something for everyone in the museum’s impressive collections of art, social history, archaeology, and ethnography. It encompasses centuries of European history and culture and has collections of international significance. You can witness anything from the most valuable trove of Anglo-Saxon gold to the greatest known collection of complete Indian bronze statues when you enter. For the young archaeologists among you, there is a collection of Egyptian mummies and coffins; nevertheless, we recommend that you check the current displays before planning your trip, as dinosaur exhibits will spring up throughout the year!


Cadbury World

Birmingham and its Top Tourist Attractions 4 min

Cadbury is truly the heart of the British chocolate industry, with many of us still lamenting the loss of their defunct older chocolate items. This chocolate-themed excursion should not be missed by anyone who likes chocolate. Beginning with a 4D cinema experience, you will dive into a bowl of liquid chocolate milk, ride a Crunchie rollercoaster, and fly in a Cadbury creme egg airship captained by a caramel bunny. All without having to even leave your seat! You will discover the mysteries of why Cadbury chocolate is so wonderful and explore the Aztec jungles to discover the origins of the cocoa bean, all while surrounded by trees and waterfalls. A live actor portraying John Cadbury, the man who started the first Cadbury shop in 1824, is also available to accompany you on the tour. The highlight of the day trip, though, is the world’s largest Cadbury store and the Cadbury World cafe! Good luck resisting the urge to overspend on that lovely outing!


Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses

Birmingham and its Top Tourist Attractions 5

Are you searching for a location that is both beautiful and safe for children to play in? This is that spot. Within the glasshouses, there are exotic tropical houses, subtropical houses, Mediterranean houses, and arid houses. The glasshouses are bordered by a big lawn with a variety of beds and shrubberies. There are 15 acres of planted greenery, a gorgeous bandstand, and numerous play places within the Victorian public park, as well as a playroom for children adjacent to the tearoom near the main entrance. The gardens host events throughout the year, with Chinese New Year and Christmas being the most noteworthy. However, due to typical British weather, this is one of those locations where you’ll need to make weather preparations; we recommend packing an umbrella! Simply in case!


Damascena Coffee House

Birmingham and its Top Tourist Attractions 6

This exquisite delicatessen in the heart of Birmingham is increasingly developing a positive reputation. Even if only for a brief drink while shopping in the city center, it is certainly worth stopping by. Upon entering, this cafe emanates a genuine Middle Eastern atmosphere. In addition to meeting a range of dietary needs, the restaurant offers pleasant waitresses who would gladly make recommendations for you. It is common knowledge that they are one of the cheapest eateries in the city, and you shouldn’t pay more than £3 or £4 for a hot beverage.




Hope this list of top attractions in Birmingham helps you understand the importance of the city. 

Apart from these magnificent attractions the property price growth is expected to be 24% by 2025 in Birmingham which means that you can benefit from high returns & increased cash flow by investing in Buy-to-Let.


Birmingham is located in the county of West Midlands, which is rich in character. Due to this, it attracts a large number of travellers from all over the world. The genesis of this city’s character may be traced back to the Industrial Revolution, during which it rose to the forefront of scientific advancements. Now, it draws creative and imaginative individuals by providing them with a range of museums, parks, and gorgeous music halls to stimulate their minds.


Happy Exploring & Investing!

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