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A Comprehensive Exploration of Serviced Accommodation

Posted by Jehan Anis on June 16, 2023

Understanding Serviced Accommodation


Serviced Accommodation is a well-established choice for both business and leisure travelers, offering numerous benefits. These fully furnished properties provide a range of amenities and services akin to hotels, making them an attractive alternative to traditional apartment rentals.


Designed to be a “home away from home,” serviced apartments offer more space and amenities compared to regular apartments and hotels. They cater to both short-term and long-term stays, allowing guests to enjoy convenient and hassle-free accommodations during their business trips or vacations. Emphasizing capacity, serviced apartments accommodate a variety of guests.


Serviced Accommodation has long been a popular investment strategy, offering the opportunity to generate substantial rental income without owning the property. Commonly referred to as “short-term lets,” this approach can be established through various legal agreements. While initially favored by business travelers and corporate relocations, serviced accommodation has gained popularity among tourists and families as well.


As an increasingly cost-effective and reputable alternative to hotels, serviced apartments are ideal for extended stays and situations where having all the comforts of home and experiencing a local lifestyle are preferable.


Rent to Serviced Accommodation Explained



Rent to serviced accommodation, often abbreviated as R2SA, is widely regarded as the “Holy Grail” of property investment due to its ultimate cash flow potential. This business model involves securing a property by offering guaranteed rent to a landlord for a fixed period and operating it as serviced accommodation.

Rent-to-serviced accommodation offers guests spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and comfortable king-size beds. These apartments are often tastefully designed with stylish furniture, creating a pleasant and elegant atmosphere.






Why Choose Rent to Serviced Accommodation?


Rent to serviced accommodation, or R2SA, provides furnished accommodations suitable for short- or long-term stays. They offer all the comforts of home, including a relaxing space, amenities like Wi-Fi and phone services, and coverage of local taxes and utilities within the rental fee. As the name suggests, these accommodations also provide services to enhance the guest experience.


Services typically offered in rent to serviced accommodation include 24-hour customer service, housekeeping, and enhanced security measures. Some serviced apartments even provide on-site personnel, a 24-hour front desk, and additional premium services.


Professionally managed and available year-round, serviced apartments offer several advantages over other accommodation options:


Space: Serviced apartments provide ample room for guests, including dedicated areas for work, cooking, relaxation, and sleep.


Amenities: Rent to Serviced Accommodation offers a “home away from home” experience with private kitchens and, in most cases, laundry facilities. Guests can enjoy an appropriate work environment, such as a table or desk, instead of having to work on a laptop in bed.


Flexibility: Guests have freedom and flexibility in their daily routines, allowing them to come and go as they please and maintain control over their schedule.


Staffed Support: Serviced apartments offer hotel-like cleaning, maintenance, and customer service. Operators often provide additional services such as personalized welcome packages, shopping assistance, laundry, meet and greet services, and chauffeur-driven transportation.


Cost-Effective: Renting a serviced apartment is generally more cost-effective than alternative forms of accommodation, especially for extended stays.


Security: R2SA provides a sense of security and privacy since serviced apartments are self-contained spaces with fewer shared areas. Many also offer contact-free check-ins.


Interior Design: Most R2SA operators take pride in their attention to interior design, ensuring guests have access to luxury and comfort during their stay.


Value: Guests appreciate the value offered by serviced apartments, as rates are typically around 20% lower than those of hotels. Additionally, there are usually no hidden expenses for minibars or room service, and VAT reductions are available for stays longer than 28 nights, maximizing savings.


As the industry expands, finding a suitable property for rent to serviced accommodation is increasingly accessible. Options range from small studio units to luxury 4-bedroom apartments. For more information about the serviced accommodation business, visit Progressive Community.


At Star Sterling, we specialize in providing secure, low-investment, high cash-flow rent-to-serviced accommodation opportunities for hands-off investors. Our fully managed end-to-end services include property sourcing, staging, marketing on over 50 online platforms, and 24/7 management. With a focus on due diligence and complete transparency, our deals start at £5,000 and generate over 100% return on investment within 36 months of the initial contract. Contact us now to kickstart your investment journey!

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