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A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Commercial Property

Posted by Jehan Anis on April 3, 2023

A Beginners Guide to Investing in Commercial Property 1 compressed

Commercial real estate investment is gaining popularity due to its growth potential, stable returns, and passive income. Typically, commercial real estate consists of retail, hospitality, office, warehouse, and mixed-use assets.


Compared to residential real estate, commercial property offers investors a variety of benefits. From reduced vacancy risks to increased revenue potential.


This article examines some of the benefits of investing in commercial real estate. In addition to direct and indirect investment opportunities and strategies to profit from investing in commercial property.




Commercial property is real property utilised for business purposes. In the United Kingdom, commercial property is divided into various classes, including drinking establishments, banking and professional services, hotels and recreational activities. Investment in commercial property in the United Kingdom can encompass sectors such as warehouses, retail centre rental units, offices, leisure complexes, and airports.


The commercial property market is typically more dynamic than the residential property market in the United Kingdom. In addition to being more volatile and possessing less liquidity. Commercial investment properties are incredibly diverse, which is one of the reasons why they are so appealing to investors.




Similarly to residential real estate, there are two primary ways to profit from investing in business property: – The income received by renting the property and the appreciation in value when the property is eventually sold.


In addition to acquiring real estate, investors can also participate in commercial property funds. They consist of diversely managed property portfolios. Direct investments have the biggest potential returns but involve more hands-on labour. Anyone interested in long-term growth may consider indirect commercial real estate investments.


Capital Investment


With direct investment, the investor purchases a commercial property for buy-to-let purposes. Sometimes, they acquire a property to redevelop and sell. This option is ideal for those who desire direct control over the infrastructure and their strategy.


In addition to making direct investments on their own, investors can also invest with others. This sort of direct investing entails acquiring a stake in a business property. Typically through investment funds that provide property holdings to numerous investors. This method is less labour-intensive but still requires a physical commitment.




Building or purchasing commercial properties can cost millions of dollars, putting them out of reach for the majority of smaller investors. Several investors will invest in commercial real estate via investment funds, such as unit trusts or investment trusts.


Unit trusts and investment trusts offer rewards depending on the appreciation of their assets and rental revenue. If you invest in property-related enterprises, you will receive dividends. This is determined by the increase in share value and the payment of dividends.


And yet, you do not have to be extremely affluent to invest in commercial real estate. Due to the available possibilities, it is possible to deposit a lump sum in a property fund, and the minimum investment is typically approximately £500.




There are multiple ways to generate income when investing directly in commercial property.




The first option is to rent the house to tenants, as in a typical buy-to-let arrangement. Buy-to-let mortgage rates are above average. In addition, an investor will typically be required to put down 20-40% of the property’s worth. Buy-to-let is the most popular investment option for commercial property investors. Typically because similar to residential property, it is fairly simple.


Renovation for Leasing or Selling


This level of investment typically necessitates a period of renovation. Typically, an investor must provide a substantial sum of cash upfront. In addition to having alternate sources of financial flow during the duration of reconstruction. While the building cannot be rented to tenants, it cannot be sold. Even though there may be times of no income, upgrades and renovations can significantly increase a building’s profitability. In addition to allowing the investor to pursue tenants with greater rents.


Can You Earn Money by Purchasing Commercial Real Estate?


The average commercial yield in the UK reached 5.23 % in October 2022. Typically, a good yield for commercial real estate is 5%. 




The type of commercial property in which you invest will have a substantial effect on the financial viability of your investment. Each category, such as hotels, or industrial, has advantages and disadvantages. Before selecting a commercial property investment sector of interest, you should consider the following factors:


Personal Experience


Before investing in commercial real estate, you should evaluate your personal experience. This is to ensure that you have a firm grasp on the type of tenants you will attract. And the qualities and categories of the market property in question. You may have experience in a specific business industry and so understand what these types of renters seek in a commercial property, or you may have previously renovated a storefront or office.


Market Trends


By monitoring broader market trends, you can identify emerging markets. Such as those that will benefit from new transportation links, office buildings in a burgeoning commuter town, or sections of a city undergoing revitalization, which may be ideal for start-ups and creative firms.




In addition to the type of commercial property, location is an important consideration when investing in commercial property. The correct property in the right location will help you attain a higher rental yield and greater potential for capital appreciation.


In recent years, the United Kingdom has witnessed an exodus of prominent enterprises from cities like London to cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds. There will always be a great degree of interest in London, but better deals and opportunities are frequently found outside the city.


Market Sector Profitability


Before making an investment, you should thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of investing in commercial property industries.




There is a continual need for industrial space in the United Kingdom. The demand for industrial properties is accompanied by favourable rental and sale considerations. 




Hotels and other hospitality-related commercial real estate in the United Kingdom typically generate some of the greatest returns (alongside industrial commercial property).




Commercial real estate can provide strong returns and capital gains and is an attractive investment alternative given the squeeze on residential landlords. Contact our specialists for more information on commercial property investment.

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