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Posted by Jehan Anis on May 16, 2022

Industry Secrets to Find & Attract Guests for Rent to Serviced Accommodation


Serviced accommodation is completely furnished housing that is offered for both short- and long-term guests. It provides additional facilities beyond those found in regular rental accommodations and more space than comparable hotel rooms; on average, it offers 30% more space than comparable hotel rooms.


Serviced apartments provide greater value and more room than hotels, but the longer your stay, the better value they provide. After 28 nights in a serviced apartment, the rate of VAT that visitors must pay is decreased. Due to this, there are usually a large number of individuals wanting to reserve serviced apartments for longer periods. The longer your visitors remain, the easier it is for you as a renter, because you don’t have to hunt for new renters as frequently.


Scaling your Rent to Serviced Accommodation Business can be a challenging task. You may have successfully established several units, and are eager to amplify your success. What’s next? Continue reading to learn how you can fast-track your growth through R2SA.


1. Online travel agents


You can advertise your rent to serviced accommodation on multiple OTAs for short-term guests on websites such as Airbnb and And the best part is that you ONLY get charged when you get a booking.


OTAs are becoming more and more common. In fact, travelers utilize online travel agencies fifty percent more than hotel websites to evaluate leisure travel alternatives nowadays. Consequently, OTAs may play a significant role in reaching a high-value target audience in a short time.


2. Corporate Relocation Agencies


Corporate Relocation programs give firms and individuals the necessary tools, resources, and services to facilitate a smooth relocation. They specialize in long-term bookings and corporate relocations which is exactly what you need to find guests for your serviced apartments!


Companies such as Silver Door, SITU & Serviced Apartments Network are the most trusted sources to find guests for your Rent to Serviced Accommodation. These agencies are your perfect partner to have access to corporate clients who need temporary living space.


3. Local Contractors Working In The Area


Major infrastructure projects attract thousands of contractors to the city for the long term. Most of them stay at the hotel, however, they prefer living in self-contained accommodation. 


4. Contact Local Employers


International and national employers usually have to travel to visit company headquarters, or attend regional training sessions; they could be long-term clients. There are many local employers in the area that want to enjoy the comforts of an apartment but don’t want to commit to a lengthy tenancy agreement. You can accommodate this need by providing a home away from home, without the commitment! 


5. Estate Agents


Estate agents have a thorough knowledge of the local property market and are licensed to help people buy, sell, and rent homes and other properties. They can only help people looking for long-term accommodation, however, they could be of use to you when it comes to short-term accommodation. Estate agents could be your go-to person if you’re looking to expand your serviced accommodation business rapidly.


6. Visiting Local Construction Sites


Many contractors are looking for direct long-term bookings. They don’t want to go through the hassle of scanning accommodations of various OTAs. Find your value through the contractor customer base that has vast potential with long-term booking promises.


Websites like provide information about contractors working nearby. 

 Through these sites, you can easily locate contractors near your serviced apartment and contact them directly.


7. Advertise your R2SA property through digital platforms


Social networks leverage user information to provide adverts that are highly relevant depending on activities within a platform. Digital marketing platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc can be used to promote your serviced accommodation property and find guests.


Once you’ve considered and explored all the options listed above, it will become very easy for you to boost your customer base and attract as many guests as possible. To further increase your chances of having an increased occupancy rate for your serviced accommodation property, make sure it’s spacious, fully furnished, and has great housekeeping services.


Star Sterling specializes in providing secure, low investment, and high cash flowing Rent to Serviced Accommodation investment opportunities to hands-off investors. We provide fully managed end-to-end services that include sourcing a suitable property, staging the property to stand out, marketing it on more than 50 online platforms to attract guests, and providing 24×7 management.


We have sourced over 60 properties during the last six months. Our fully-managed Rent to Serviced Accommodation deals start at £5,000 and generate over 100% return on investment within 36 months of the initial contract. We pride ourselves in conducting every deal with due diligence and providing detailed financial analysis to our investors with complete transparency. So contact us now to kickstart your investment journey!


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Our professionals work tirelessly to identify the best investment solutions for estate agents, landlords, and investors and cultivate long-term partnerships for future success. We partner with businesses to find suitable properties to provide premium accommodation on a short-term basis to business travelers and contractors. By creating customized strategies for our clients, our services extend beyond the traditional confines of real estate

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